The Student

The UCB Global Startup Fair offers students a unique opportunity to discover and interact with small tech companies that typically rely on personal connections for hiring. It is a great way for independent and entrepreneurial students to explore the challenges and excitement of working in a close-knit startup environment.

The Startup Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to find full-time and internship positions.

The Startup

The UCB Global Startup Fair is a unique recruitment event where the spotlight is on the startups. It is a chance for small companies to speak directly to students without getting overshadowed by the big names.

We bring together the most innovative new companies around the globe and introduce them to students from one of the top engineering universities in the world. We hope to bring your startup in contact with some of the brightest engineering students at UC Berkeley. When combined with the Global Startup Fair resume book, companies get access to hundreds of potential candidates who are looking for a job or internship with the opportunity for growth a startup provides.

To find out more about registering and attending the event, please visit the register section, or click here.